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charles' thoughts on team building and personal growth
Image: Should companies be able to perceive the difference between the skill set of a professional facilita Should companies be able to perceive the difference between the skill set of a professional facilita

Recreational activity leaders and sports staff have many strengths. Their level of energy is typically very high. Most are able to engage groups and keep them active.

What training do activity leaders require? Some venues hire high school or college students to round out their event staff. Some of these students go on to obtain a 4 year college diploma in recreational leadership. Some don’t.

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Fashion Show Fiasco  
Creativity, hilarity and some serious project management skills will go hand in hand as your teams take on the task of creating their own top fashion label. Each team will use the wealth of resources at hand to create, design and then manufacture real catwalk creations.

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Fashion Show Fiasco (1 Reviews)
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Giant Inflatable Olympics  
Our Giant Inflatable Olympics Program is designed for the not-so-athletically-inclined-but-willing-to try-anyway person. It's fun and team spirit that matter here. This program is designed for all ages and abilities.

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Giant Inflatable Olympics (1 Reviews)
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Team ignite Program  
This one day workshop is designed to re-ignite your team’s passion for excellence! This is a targeted approach to enhancing self understanding and team development. It is a high energy, fun, interactive experience that will create an environment for your participants to increase their self-awareness, understanding of team dynamics and learn to authentically and effectively connect with each other

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Team ignite Program (11 Reviews)
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An awesome combination of drumming, dancing and a kick ass party. Kick it Old School with interactive drumming and a choreographed dance that repeats a sequence of steps in which a group of people dance in one or more lines or rows, all facing the same direction, and executing the steps at the same time.

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Jambalaya (2 Reviews)
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