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Murder Mystery DeadWood Saloon

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A murder mystery dinner party caters for a memorable evening of mayhem, mystery and mischief, heaped with good ole fashioned fun! An ideal experience to ‘level the playing fields’ for corporate team-building, unforgettable client entertainment or to add a touch of intrigue The grand daddy of all evening events, the murder mystery night is a classic that never fails to keep people entertained after dark. Prepare for an evening of fine dining, dastardly dames and double crossing fun.



  • How does it work?

    How does it work?


       •   Guests will receive as part of their invitation characters and their descriptions prior to the event.

       •   Dressing up for the occasion adds to the fun of the evening.

       •   Guests will receive objectives to complete throughout the evening.

       •   At a time not specified a murder will occur and guests will be asked to assist in discovering the culprit.

       •   Various other activities such as line dancing can be added to the evening.


       •   Participants can engage with this activity as individuals or we can turn this event into a team work challenge 

            and get the competitive spirit pumping!

       •   Duration approximately two hours - see options to extend duration.

       •   Effort - Moderate     

       •   Difficulty - Easy

  • Whats Included

    Whats included?

    •  Invitation

    •  Evening objectives

    •  DJ

    •  Line Dancing

    •  Facilitators

    •  Fun



    What are the benefits of this team building activity?

    Take teams out of their comfort zones

    Teach a new skill in a fresh environment

    • Bond a new team

    • Boost confidence

    • Fun