Team Ignite

CONNECT- your team to fantastic performance, exciting relationships and awesome team spirit. This one day workshop is designed to re-ignite your teams passion for excellence! This is a targeted approach to enhancing individual responsibility, attitude and team member interaction.

It is a high energy, fun, interactive experience that will create an environment for your team members

to increase their self-awareness, understanding of team dynamics and learn to express their individuality while connecting with each other in pursuit of the team objectives.

Our experienced facilitators have a passion for team development and take an active interest in every individual’s participation, comfort and personal physical and emotional safety.


  • How does it work?

    Teams can be accessed prior to the teambuilding day to establish a “team climate”.The program is split into three distinct areas: Team spirit, team relationships and team performance.

    The Team spirit session addresses joy and laughterthe Team Relationship session addresses courage, personal objectives and team supportThe Team Performance session addresses team talent development and individual expression.

    Teams participate in a variety of activities from warm ups to problem solving.All activities are presented as “challenge by choice”.

    Teams will gradually face bigger and bigger challenges throughout the day.

    Continuous de briefing provides teams with an opportunity to reflect on their actions and behaviour and adapt or improve where they see fit.On completion a Team Charter provides a platform and roadmap.

    Duration- Full day

  • Whats Included

    Team climate study

    • Full value contract

    • Warm ups, socializers and ice breakers

    Trust sequence

    • Problem Solving

    • Debrief

    • Fun

    What are the benefits of this team building activity?

    • PEL is a great way to:

    • Hone problem solving skills

    • Bond a new team

    • Build trust in the workplace

    • Manage resistance to change

    • Boost team morale

    • Encourage a dysfunctional team to work together in harmony

    • Improve listening and communication skills



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