Time Management

The increased globalization of industry, coupled with rapid technological development has placed increased pressure on organizations to assist staff in managing their time more effectively. Successes within this area are translated within the organization in the form of:


  • Improved productivity through improved use of time by all personnel.
  • Better performance in terms of on time delivery to customers.
  • Increased profitability through better use of the human and non-human resources.
  • Improved planning and control of your business systems through time based management.
  • Better alignment of activities by incorporating a time bound system for co-ordination of tasks and projects within the business.
  • Reduction of stress that arises from crisis management by reducing the incidence of crises through better planning.


In order to prepare you to manage your time more effectively, it is necessary to understand some simple concepts. These are:


  • What is Time Management?


  • Time as a Commodity


  • Essential Habits


  • Types of Time


  • Over and Under Estimation of Time


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