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Wacky Olympics

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Our Wacky Olympics Program is designed for the not-so-athletically-inclined-but-willing-to try- anyway person. Its fun and team spirit that matter here. This program is designed for all ages and abilities.


Wacky Olympic’ Corporate Event embraces everything that is true and great about this iconic occasion. This Team Building event is the perfect cross between a ‘School Sports Day’ and the classic ‘Its a Knockout’ integrating huge inflatables with the more well-known Olympic pastimes.

Our collection of balloon rub races, blind football, helium hoop, beach volleyball, toffee toss and even coin butt drop activities provide something for everyone irrespective of age or ability.  In fact, in all of our events, fitness levels have very little bearing on success!  We promise to bring the arena alive with colour, energy and laughter.

  • How does it work?

    Our team of crazy facilitators warms your team up with Wacky Laughing Aerobics

    •   We divide you into teams and select captains for every team.

    •   We set up the course and provide facilitators. Under the instruction of the MC, teams compete on a round

    robin basis.

    •   Wacky Relay Races - Teams work together either in a progressive relay where each team member

    performs only one task or each member goes through the whole course for the best time.

    •   Canniball Head - Played similar to standard volley ball but with the twist of playing in pairs and never

    touching the ball with any part of your body.

    •   Frisbee Golf - A nine-hole golf course is set up around the “beach.” Players use Frisbees and must “hole” their shots by hitting the flags. Teams shoot for the lowest team score – we divide the course by the number of players so that each player can contribute!

    •   Giant Tangram - Teams compete to complete giant seven piece puzzles in various shapes

    •   Cascades - Teams work together to remove a ball from a pipe without touching the ball with their hands.

    Wet activity

    •   Tank - Teams work together to knock it each other out of the playing area with wet sponges. Wet activity

    •   Duration - Two Hours- see options to extend duration

    •   Effort - Moderate

    •   Difficulty - Easy

  • Whats Included

    •   Wacky Laughing Aerobics

    •   6 Activities,

    •   Facilitators

    •   Fun