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Fashion Fiasco

Creativity, hilarity and some serious project management skills will go hand in hand as your teams take on the task of creating their own top fashion label. Each team will use the wealth of resources at hand to create, design and then manufacture real catwalk creations. They will script, choreograph and stage their own catwalk fashion show and live band complete with music.


The brief is a challenging one; teams must plan, stage and film their very own fashion shows, judged by our  panel of style gurus.

   •   It takes creative flair, excellent timing, efficient organisation and a cool head under pressure to pull off a  seamless show. Are the teams up to the task?

  • How does it work?

     • We start by warming your team up with Fiasco Laughing Aerobics

    • Our events facilitators will be on hand to coordinate Fashion Fiasco and get everyone in the right frame of mind.

    • The team is briefed and supplied with materials and equipment to complete the challenge.

    • Teams must take responsibility for all aspects of the show from start to finish. All roles must be agreed by the group and all are vital, from fashion designers, models and makeup artists to musical directors, producers and show comperes.

    • In addition to deciding on design, they must also choreograph the show and make sure it runs without a hitch.

    • The judges will be watching with beady eyes! Will the show be the highlight - or faux par - of the fashion season?

    • There is a twist in the tale

  • Whats Included

       •   Fiasco Laughing Aerobics

       •   Fashion Show

       •   Live Performance by teams

       •   Facilitators

       •   DJ

       •   Materials and equipment

       •   Fun

    What are the benefits of this team building activity?

       •   In addition to being a brilliant bonding experience, Fashion Fiasco highlights the importance of individual  team member roles.

       •   Its also a good way to manage resistance to change, improve team cohesion, enhance communication  skills, encourage creativity and develop strategic thinking skills.

       •   Fun